Olaf Starorypinski was born in London, England, in 1964, the son of Polish immigrants. Olaf has always been fascinated with light and he developed an interest in photography and in lighting during his high school years. He has been involved in lighting design for nearly 20 years, including design companies both in the UK and the USA. Olaf moved to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1990.

Stylistic influences include David Bailey, Robert Mapplethorpe, Howard Schatz, Herb Ritts, and Helmut Newton. Although the scope of Olaf's subjects is broad, his primary interest has always been people.

Olaf's experience and knowledge of light is the primary influence in his photographic work. Using light to 'sculpt' subjects he creates images from a unique perspective. Critics have described his photographs as "dynamic and sculptural", "works of subtlety and power", and "visual intrigue."

Olaf resides in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, with his wife, daughter, two spoiled felines, and one intrepid smooch dog.